Eliza Lê was born in Portland, Oregon, one year after her parents moved to the city in 1985. As a young child, Lê lived in Southeast Portland and attended Creston Elementary. In middle school, Lê’s family moved to Northeast Portland, where she attended Rose City Middle School, Gregory Heights Middle School, and Benson High School. After high school, Lê attended the Portland State University School of Business, where she double majored in management and leadership, and human resources management. Now, Lê lives in Gresham with her husband.

Eliza Lê begins the interview with a brief history of her family's immigration to the United States from Vietnam. Then, she discusses why her family came to Portland and the beginning of her grandparent’s grocery store, called Dai Chung. Lê continues with more information about the activities of her family members in Portland before transitioning to speak about her childhood. She describes her relationships with other families in the apartment complex she lived in, as well as her involvement with Our Lady of Lavang Church. Next, Lê outlines her educational history in Portland and her current work in human resources. Lê elaborates on her and her husband's decision to live with her grandfather and her husband’s background, whose family also immigrated from Vietnam. After this, she describes her involvement with the Vietnamese Community of Oregon, which she is deeply involved with. At the end of the interview, Lê shares her understanding of the generational gap in the Vietnamese community and concludes by discussing her visits to Vietnam.