In this oral history, Portland State University student Rio Le interviews his sister Jennifer Le. Jennifer Le was born in 1992 in Eugene, Oregon. The family moved to the greater Portland area after her father, Hang Le, received his degree from the University of Oregon. Since then, she and her family have lived in various metro areas such as Tualatin, Hillsboro, and now the Beaverton-Portland area. As a child, she attended the St. Andrew Dung-Lac Church and the Van Lang Vietnamese school, where her father worked. Ever since her childhood, Le has remained involved with her church; for ten years she has been a youth leader for the Eucharistic Youth Movement of the Gabriel Chapter. Le has also remained involved with the Vietnamese community through her church and the VSA.

In this interview, Le discusses how she has been part of the Vietnamese community in Oregon. Le describes how her church, parents, and Vietnamese schools were critical for learning about and maintaining her Vietnamese culture. She describes having a seven-day school week as a child because she was attending traditional school while also attending Vietnamese school on the weekends. She was heavily involved with her church starting when she was a child, participating in the altar service and religious dances. Le then discusses that in high school, she joined the Eucharistic Youth Movement, sparking a 10-year involvement leading to her current position as president of the Movement. She also describes how she sought out a diverse Vietnamese experience by attending Vietnamese Buddhist Temples and connecting with people through Vietnamese festivals such as the Lunar New Year. Le concludes this interview by discussing how important it is for both the young and older generations to maintain and preserve Vietnamese culture in the United States.