In this brief, yet powerful interview, Nguyễn tells the story of her family’s immigration to the United States during the Vietnam war. She begins the story by reflecting on how painful it was for her family members to open up and tell her their story of escape and survival. She describes how even though they escaped before she was born, she can feel their sorrow as if she had witnessed it all herself.
She recalls memories of growing up in their family-owned sewing business, and helping make products for Pendleton Woolen Mills. She describes the daily routine in the business, and what responsibility each family member had. Though these are happy memories that she looks upon with fondness and nostalgia, they became more powerful to her as she got older and understood how fortunate her family was to have the opportunity to come to the United States and open a successful business.
She knows all too well that not every family escaping the Vietnam War had the same opportunities that her’s did, and tearfully thanks her family for the sacrifices they made in fleeing Vietnam, and to Pendleton Woolen Mills for giving her family an opportunity to stay afloat and together in a new country.