Húng Si Vương was born in Kontum, Vietnam, one of six siblings. He fled the country by boat in 1988 with the hope of making it to the United States and eventually sponsoring the rest of his family. Vương arrived in Portland in February, 1990 after moving through refugee camps in Indonesia and the Philippines. Initially living in Northeast, Vương has since settled more permanently in the suburbs outside of Portland. He has two adult children, enjoys photography, and lives with his wife, whom he met in the Bataan Refugee Camp.

The interview begins with Vương recounting how he left Vietnam at twenty-four years old and traveled for two years until arriving in Portland. Vương came to Portland because one of his father’s students lived in Oregon and was able to sponsor him and his older brother. After summarizing his immigration, Vương talks about establishing a life for himself in the Northwest, relating some of the difficulties he encountered and covering his career experience. Afterwards, he explains his religious affiliations and talks about how began his hobby as a photographer. Next, Vương talks about how he met his wife in the Philippines and ponders his children’s relationship to Vietnamese culture and language.