April Eklund was born in Portland in 1980 and has lived here ever since. She grew up in Southwest Portland and attended school at Saint John Fisher Catholic School and St. Mary's Academy. After high school, she studied at Oregon State University and obtained her business degree. Following her graduation and various jobs, Eklund and her mother decided to open Jade Bistro & Patisserie, a Southeast Asian restaurant located in Sellwood. Along with assisting her mother some with Jade, Eklund also is an energy worker and owns a studio where she practices biofield tuning.

In this interview, Eklund begins by talking about growing up in Portland, attending Catholic schools, and being part of the Vietnamese community through her mother’s work as a pastry chef and grocery store owner. She also shares stories about her mom and how she first immigrated to Portland after escaping Vietnam in 1975. Eklund then goes on to talk about going to college at Oregon State University and how her entrepreneurial skills and her mother’s love of food and community eventually lead to the opening of Jade in downtown Sellwood. Along with her work at the restaurant, she also discusses how she became involved in energy work, first inspired by reiki, a form of Japanese energy healing. At the end of the interview, she shares her thoughts on feeling at home in Portland and the Vietnamese community at large.